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Three Ways an Experienced Roofer Can Protect Your Roof and Your Budget

Experienced, reputable, and professional roofing contractors are really the only good option when it comes to roof repair and replacement. You may be tempted by the lower cost of making roof repair a DIY project or hiring an underqualified roofer, but in the long run, a professional is going to be able to save you the most money and give you the best roof and the best peace of mind. Here are several ways that a reputable, experienced roofing company can protect both your roof and your homeowner's budget.

1. Protecting Your Roof's Insurance Eligibility

You probably already know that insurance companies would rather insure something they're not likely to have to pay out for. They want to keep their risks low, so if they see an improperly installed roof on your home or one that they decide is likely to cause damage, they may not want to cover any such damage. They may even refuse to insure your home.
A roofing company that prides itself on high-quality work will be well-informed on what could make your roof susceptible to such problems. And by installing the roofing materials correctly in the best possible way for the home, the materials, and the situation, a good roofer will help you avoid any potentially costly insurance problems.

2. Protecting Your Manufacturer's Warranty

The manufacturer of the roofing shingles is also unwilling to pay for damage caused by poor installation. This means that roofers actually have to follow the industry best practices for installing a certain type of roof in order to avoid voiding the warranty.
An experienced roofing company will know exactly what specifications to use when installing a certain material. For example, correct procedure for asphalt shingling includes using the right type of nails and using the right number of them so that each shingle is securely fastened to the roof but doesn't have its integrity compromised. In addition, the shingles need to be oriented correctly and placed carefully with the right amount of overlap.

3. Protecting Your Roof From Leaks and Early Failure

Installing roofing materials expertly and according to exact specifications doesn't just keep you covered as far as warranties and insurance are concerned. It also protects your home from getting damaged in the first place. Whether you have insurance or not, protecting your home from roof damage is far preferable in any situation - that way you don't have to deal with deductibles, paperwork, insurance adjusters, and other hassles.
And reliable professional installation can also protect what's in your home. The best installations are less likely to fail early and develop leaks such as sneaky slow leaks, which could lead to rot, water damage, and structural damage. Preventing such structural damage keeps you and your family safe, and preventing water damage protects your belongings, some of which may have irreplaceable sentimental value no matter how much insurance coverage you buy.
As you can see, a professional roof installation by an expert roofer can be an invaluable service. Not only can you trust a dependable professional to install the materials with the correct techniques, but you can also count on them to save you money in the long run by making sure you're equipped with a long-lasting, insurance-eligible roof that's able to keep you and your family safe and dry.
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