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Upgrade to Concrete Roofing Tiles

Person installing new concrete roofing tiles
Has your old roof seen better days? Is it in need of replacement? While it is tempting to go with a material that is cheap and affordable like asphalt shingles, consider upgrading to concrete roofing tiles. While concrete roofing tiles are quite expensive at $4.50-$9 per every square foot, you may find that the benefits of using the material make the cost worth it. Consider how concrete roofing tiles can be beneficial to your home.


Many of the cheaper roofing materials out there have very short lifespans when compared to concrete roofing tiles. For instance, asphalt shingles will only last around 20 years, metal has a lifespan of 40 years on the low end, and built-up roofing will last about 30 years. If you use these materials, it is likely that you'll need to replace your home's roof again at some point while you are living in it.
Concrete roofing tiles out performs every single material aside from slate, lasting over 100 years. It will be the last roof you ever purchase for your home. Many green homeowners prefer that since they know the material will cause less waste than others. If you kept using asphalt shingles, they would need to be replaced 5 times during the lifespan of roof with concrete roofing tiles, which is all waste that ends up in landfills.


Have you experienced storms in the past where the wind has actually ripped the roofing material off your home? This won't happen with concrete roofing tiles. The material is very heavy, and won't become dislodged during those tough storms. Not only does it cause your home to be more secure during big storms, but you'll not need to repair the roof afterward.
If you find yourself needing to climb up on your roof for any reason, the strength and texture of concrete roofing tiles also make it ideal for walking on. Your feet will be able to grip onto the concrete material, and you don't need to worry about the tiles breaking under your own body weight.

Pest Resistance

One problem with competing roofing materials is that they attract pests. For example, an aged shingle will make it easy for pests to get under the material. You'll then have problems where pests can cause significant damage to the underlying roofing material, causing the need for repair. Squirrels may try to claw their way through the material to find a home in your attic.
Concrete roofing tiles will not attract pest because it is made from materials that are not organic. Concrete is simply too strong and sturdy for an animal to burrow all the way through. It gives you some additional peace of mind with one less form of damage to worry about with your roof.

Ease of Cleaning

Is your home in a humid area? You might currently have problems with algae building up on your existing roofing material this causes the problem of needing to remove it, clean the stains, and install preventative measures to keep algae from reforming. The cleaning process requires you to be gentle with cleaning off the algae, since a pressure washer is capable of blasting off the granules that make up the protective layer of asphalt shingles.
Concrete roofing tiles are quite easy to clean if you have a problem with algae. The material is actually strong enough to withstand the powerful stream from a pressure washer.
Still not sure if concrete roofing tiles will work out for your home's new roof? Residential Roofing Services can come out to your home and tell you if the material will be a great fit.
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